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iPhone photography apps you can’t do without

I am regularly asked which iPhone photography apps I use for photography and editing. If you get started with iPhone photography then you don’t have to download any special apps. You get very far with the iPhone Camera app and the Photos app. However, if you are shooting in RAW or you want to perform special photo edits, then you cannot avoid downloading apps. The functionalities of a number of apps in this overview overlap and sometimes I use only a small part of it. I give a brief description of the options and tell you how I use them.



  • Camera apps
  • Photo editing apps
  • Other photography apps

Camera apps

iPhone photography app Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile

Lightroom CC Mobile is free and I use it for photographing and editing RAW photos. The camera app has a number of camera modes for shooting with manual or automatic settings. I use the HDR mode most often. Also read my blog the best RAW camera app for a detailed description of the functionalities.

The HDR mode of Lightroom CC Mobile

iPhone photography app Cortex Camera

Cortex Camera is a Camera app that allows you to take night photos. The app takes a number of photos in quick succession and merges them into one. You can use this app to make great photos in very dark conditions. Also read my blog about night photography.

The Groninger Museum

iPhone photography app Nightcap Camera

With Nightcap you can photograph the night sky. I use this app for shooting stars and the moon. Also read my blogs about shooting stars and the moon with your iPhone.

iPhone photography app Slow Shutter Cam

With this app you can make long exposures. You put your iPhone on a tripod with a smartphone holder and indicate in Slow Shutter Cam how long you want to illuminate. Also read my blogs about iPhone long exposure photography with and without a tripod and photographing light trails.


Photo editing apps


Snapseed is free and from Google. With this photo editing app you can apply edits selectively. The app has a large number of filters and edits are only final when you export the photo. For this app I have created a tutorial with step-by-step instructions and videos.

How to remove, selectively apply or change in Snapseed and editing step

iPhone photography app Lightroom CC Mobile

A big advantage of the free camera app Lightroom CC Mobile is that you can also edit the photos with it. You have to pay for a number of tools, but the free version contains powerful photo editing functions. Like I wrote before, I shoot in RAW with Lightroom. I edit the photos with this app and then open them in Snapseed for example for applying filters. Also read my blog about free photo editing apps for detailed descriptions of Lightroom CC Mobile and Snapseed.

In this video Justin Odisho demonstrates the free photo editing functions of Lightroom CC Mobile

Handy Photo

I mainly use this photo editing app to remove or move objects. Also read my blog about retouching photos.

An overview of the functionalities


For my iPhone I have an external super wide-angle lens with a large angle of view of 160°. I correct the lens distortions and the perspective with SKRWT. You can, for example, use it to straighten buildings that lean backwards. Also read my blog with tips for shooting with a super wide-angle lens.


Correct lens distortion with SKRWT

Lens Distortions

With this free iPhone photography app you can add lens flare for extra atmosphere and drame. With Lens Distortions you can make your iPhone photos look like they were taken with an SLR camera. Also read my blog about lens flare.

iPhone photography apps. Add lens flare with the Lens Distortions app.
Lens flare has been added with the Lens Distortions app.

Other iPhone photography apps

The Photographer’s Ephemeris

The hour after sunrise or before sunset is called the golden hour and is the best time to take pictures. With this app you can view where and at what time the sun rises or sets. I use this app especially when I’m on vacation. View the video below of the maker for an overview of the functionalities.

eZy Watermark lite

After editing a photo, I place my watermark with the eZy Watermark lite app. Also read my blog with tips and apps for placing your watermark in a photo.


With this free app you can mirror and rotate photos and reduce the resolution. Before I share photos on social media, I make them smaller with this app.


Download iPhone photography apps

Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile App Store
Slow Shutter Cam App Store
NightCap Camera App Store
Cortex Camera App Store

Snapseed App Store
Handy Photo App Store
SKRWT App Store
Lens Distortions App Store

The Photographer’s Ephemeris App Store
eZy Watermark Lite App Store
PicGizmo App store

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