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My iPhone photography

Photography has long been a hobby of mine and once I started with an SLR and a darkroom. I have a large collection of self-printed black-and-white photographs and color slides that I still need to digitize. Over time, however, my interest diminished and the doka stuff disappeared in a box in the attic. Until I bought one of the first 3 megapixel cameras and my enthusiasm was back again. At this moment, iPhone photography has my interest. The quality of the photos and lens I find very good for shooting in good lighting conditions. On my iPhone I can take RAW photos and many function-rich apps such as Snapseed and Lightroom CC are available for editing on my iPad. Not long ago I started this iPhone photography blog.

iPhone raw photography

The exposure of this iPhone raw-photo is corrected in Lightoom CC.

I also have an SLR camera with a zoom lens and an external flash. Currently, however, I photograph a lot with my iPhone. This smartphone makes more than good photos, has a burst mode of 10 photos per second, can record in Ultra HD video and I have it always with me. And the iPhone is of course much smaller and lighter than my SLR camera.

I have immersed myself in the creative possibilities of iPhone photography and regularly write a blog about my experiments and results.

iPhone photography apps

The standard iPhone Camera app

The iPhone Camera app has features that a SLR camera does not (yet) have.

  1. The panorama mode for example, with which you can make beautiful widescreen photos.
  2. And you can make a time lapse video by taking a picture at fixed adjustable intervals.
  3. Live Photos that lets you capture the moment with a photo and 3 seconds of video with audio.

Download camera apps for your iPhone photography

And for the desired “SLR results” you can download camera apps from the App Store. For example, there are apps that allow you to simulate a long shutter speed, even bulb is possible. Other apps simulate the effect of a large aperture opening by blurring backgrounds of portraits.

iPhone photography blog about long exposure photography

This iPhone photo of the Waddensea was taken with Slow Shutter Cam and a long shutterspeed.

My stuff for iPhone photography

I shoot my photos with an iPhone 6s and an iPhone 8 Plus and use a mini-tripod for long exposures. For landscape, city and interior photography I use a Black Eye external wide-angle lens. The apps for taking pictures are the iPhone Camera app, Slow Shutter Cam, Cortex Cam, Lightroom CC, ProCamera and Camera+. For editing photo’s I use the apps Lightroom CC, Snapseed and Handy Photo.

My iPhone photography blogs

iPhone black and white photography

One of my first blogs is about black and white photography. When I started photography, black-and-white photographing and developing was the way for hobbyists to print photos themselves. At that time, many black and white photographs were also printed in newspapers. Now almost all photos are digital and therefore in color. Converting a color photo to black and white is a way to give extra attention to certain aspects, such as the shape of the subject and exposure. It can also give a special atmosphere to a photo. In this blog I tell you which app I use for the black and white conversion and I show you some examples.

iPhone photography blog about black and white photography 

iPhone photography with a long exposure

Long exposure is a technique that was previously only possible with SLR cameras and with the help of special and expensive filters. You needed a lot of experience and patience to achieve good results. With special apps you can use this special technique with your iPhone for shooting waterfalls and landscapes. In this blog I tell you what you need and I show you some examples.

iPhone photography blog about long exposure photography

Edit black and white photos on the iPhone with Snapseed

In this blog I show you a few examples and tell you which filters and presets the photos in Snapseed have been converted to black and white.


iPhone photograpy blog about editing in snapseed 

iPhone raw photography tips

In this iPhone photography blog blog I explain what a raw photo file is and I tell you about the advantages of shooting in raw. Furthermore, I mention a number of apps that you need for shooting and editing in raw. I tell you what to look out for when photographing in raw and which photo editing apps I use. With examples I show you how to edit a raw photo and what the result is.
An example of a raw photo edited in Lightroom CC and Snapseed.

iPhone photography blog about raw photography

iPhone photography app for blurring the backgrounds (bokeh) of portraits

With the latest iPhones with dual cameras you can shoot beautiful portraits with a blurred background. The result is almost as good as that of an SLR camera. I have researched whether I can also make portraits with bokeh with my iPhone 6s with a single camera and tell about my findings in this blog.

iPhone photography blog about blurring the backgrounds of portraits

iPhone night photography without a tripod

Inspired by the night mode function of my Canon Powershot, I went looking for an app that allows me to take night shots with my iPhone without a tripod. In this iPhone photography blog I tell about the possibilities of the standard iPhone camera app and explain how the Cortex Cam app works. I have added a number of photos that I have made of Groningen at night without a tripod.

iPhone nightphotography

Capture a moving subject with motion blur with your iPhone

In this blog I explain how you can photograph with you iPhone fast moving subjects with motion blur. I tell you about the iPhone photography app you need and give examples.


iPhone photography blog about shooting fast moving subjects with motion blur

The panorama mode in the iPhone camera app

The panorama mode I use especially on vacation for landscapes and sunsets. This function is also very useful for photographing large groups and buildings. In this blog I explain with examples what the possibilities are.

How to take and edit Live Photos

You can make Live Photos with with an iPhone 6s and later models. In this blog I tell about the possibilities.

Create and edit live photos

Portrait mode and the dual camera of the iPhone 8 Plus

I replaced my iPhone 6s with the iPhone 8 Plus and am very excited about the Portrait mode. Portrait photos have a background blur as if they were made with an SLR camera. I tested the Portrait Mode and the Dual Camera extensively and wrote a blog about it.

iPhone photography iPhone 8 plus portrait mode

An overview of all functionalities of the iPhone Camera app

The iPhone Camera app is user-friendly and quickly accessible. The picture below is an HDR example and made with the iPhone Camera app.


iPhone Camera app

The Time-lapse mode on your iPhone

iPhone Time-lapse mode 

My iPhone photography camera apps for shooting in RAW

Camera apps for shooting in RAW on the iPhone 

How to make an exposure bracket with you iPhone

iPhone exposure bracket 

How to make HDR photos with your iPhone

iPhone HDR taken with Adobe Lightroom CC 

How to export a jpg in high quality with Snapseed

How to export a jpg in high quality with Snapseed

How to retouch photos on your iPhone with Snapseed and Handy Photo


How to shoot stars with you iPhone

shoot stars with your iphone 

iPhone photo series: A cold winter morning with a bright sun

iphone photo

How to photograph a sunset or Sunrise with your iPhone

iPhone photography blog. Sunset photographed with an iPhone

How to add vignetting to your iPhone photos

Vignetting added to an iPhone photo with Snapseed. iPhone photography blog.

How to photograph with an external wide-angle lens on your iPhone

Sample photo photographed with an external wide-angle lens on an iPhone

How to remove noise from your iPhone photos

Noise in iPhone photo

How to shoot the moon with your iPhone

How to shoot the moon with your iPhone

How to shoot fireworks with your iPhone

fireworks photography with the iPhone

How to add lens flare or sun flare to your iPhone photos

iPhone lens flare

Snapseed tutorial


iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 reviews

12 tips for shooting the fall with your iPhone


How to shoot light trails with your iPhone

Light trails

iPhone photography tips for shooting landscapes

iPhone photography tips for shooting landscapes

How to change iPhone camera white balance

White balance

iPhone shutter speed and ISO

Shutter speed

iPhone photography tips

Low point of view

How to use Leading Lines in your iPhone photos

Leading Lines

Composition tips for great iPhone photos

How to watermark iPhone photos

Free iPhone editing apps for RAW files

The best iPhone photography apps

The aperture of the iPhone. How to change it.

iPhone photography projects

Motion blur

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