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HDR photos iPhone: A cold winter morning with a bright sun

I made this iPhone HDR photos in the area between Groningen, Slochteren and Schildwolde. It had frozen in that morning in February and the fields were frosted. I have placed the photos in the order in which they were made and on the first shots the ripe on the grass and stones is clearly visible. On the fourth photo, even a little ice is visible in the foreground. It was cold and the sun was shining brightly. On the photo of the road to Slochteren, the ponies and horses enjoy the warmth of the rising sun.


iPhone HDR photo Apps

All iPhone HDR photos are taken with my iPhone 8 Plus with the Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile (App Store) app in HDR mode . In the settings of Lightroom CC you can indicate whether you want to save the normal raw photo. As a file format, I always select DNG, so that the HDR photo and the raw photo are saved as RAW files. RAW photos are better suited for editing than JPG files. For these photos I used the HDR RAW files because they contained less noise and had a larger dynamic range.

iPhone HDR photosAn old barn is a popular photo subject. This wooden barn stands along the Slochterdiep.

SunriseHDR is especially suitable for shooting with backlighting. The details in the dark and light parts of this photo are clearly visible.

SunriseFor this iPhone HDR photo I chose a low position, so that the sun reflected in the water. The frost on the branches in the foreground is clearly visible.


iPhone HDR photosNice reflections and a thin layer of ice in the foreground.

iPhone HDR photosThe road towards Slochteren.

iPhone HDR photosIn the Groninger landscape there are many monumental farms with beautiful front gardens. 

iPhone HDR photosAn old typical Oldambtster farm. With this type of farm is the stately home for barn and often they have a large front yard. These farms are very common in Groningen. 


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